A Controlled Evaluation of Effect of Madhumeha Nashini Gutika in Sthula Prameha with Reference to Type II Diabetes Mellitus

  • Prerna R Masatkar Associate Professor, Department of Kayachikitsa, Government Ayurved College, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.
  • Raman R Ghungralekar Dean, GAC, Jalgaon, Maharashtra.
Keywords: Apatarpan, Bahudrava shleshma, Bahuabadhdha meda, Sthula pramehi, Diabetes mellitus.


Ayurveda the science of life is eternal which deals with the healthy as well as diseased individual. Prameha described in Ayurvedic literature is very much similar to the diabetes mellitus of modern medicine with the abrupt change in the modern life style the prevalence of all types of diabetes is on the rise in the world’s population. Charak has mentioned that Sthula Pramehi where Kleda Meda and Kapha are vitiated Apatarpan should be given. Properties of Madhumeha Nashini Gutika prompted us to select the drug in the management of Sthula Prameha. Methodology- The present study is open labelled randomized control trail. The study duration was 12 weeks from the day of recruitment of patients. Group A (trail group) comprised of 20 patients to whom Madhumeha Nashini Gutika 500mg BID was given while in Group B (control group) also comprised of 20 patients treated with tablet metformin in a dose of 500mg BID after food along with drinking water. All the patients were strictly examined according to the criteria of diagnosis having BMI more than 25 were included in the study randomly. Analysis- The outcome measures of this study was to evaluate the effect of therapy on the symptoms of Prameha in terms of % of relief, on physical characters of body such as wt in kg and BMI and biochemical markers such as blood sugar level, HbA1c before and after treatment in both the groups. Results and Conclusion- Overall % of relief in treated group was 73.61% which was more than control group where it was found to be 58.59%. Reduction in weight of patients of treated group was highly significant as t was 8.09 (p<0.001) as compared to control group where t was 0.2525 (p>0.1). Highly significant reduction in BMI values was also noted in treated group as t was 8.83 (p<0.001) as compared to control group where t=0.1625 (p>0.1) so we came at the conclusion that Madhumeha Nashini Gutika might be working on Bahudrava Shleshma and Bahu Abadhdha Meda dhatu.


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Prerna R Masatkar, Raman R Ghungralekar. A Controlled Evaluation of Effect of Madhumeha Nashini Gutika in Sthula Prameha with Reference to Type II Diabetes Mellitus. IJRAPS [Internet]. 2023Jul.18 [cited 2024May24];7(6):14-3. Available from: https://ijraps.in/index.php/ijraps/article/view/146