• Shan Sonakshi Associate Professor, Dept. of Shalyatantra, Jammu Institute of Ayurveda and Reasearch, Nardani Jammu, India.
  • Bharti Neeru Assistant Professor, Dept. of Shalyatantra, Jammu Institute of Ayurveda and Reasearch, Nardani Jammu, India.
Keywords: Purva Karma, Pradhan Karma, Paschat Karma, Asthvidhishastra Karma.


Detailed description about surgical procedure was given by Acharya Sushrut. Purva Karma, Pradhan Karma, and Paschat Karma are Trividhi Karma. Shastra Chikitsa is one of the prime equipment in which Trividh Karma i.e. Purva Karma (Pre-operative), Pradhan Karama (Operative, main action) and Paschat Karma play a crucial role in order to get fruitful result after surgery. According to Sushrut, Purva Karma means preparation of the patient along with collecting all the materials during Pradhan Karma. Asthvidhishastra Karma is included in Pradhan Karma. Paschat Karma includes all post-operative care. Paschat Karma includes care after surgery i.e., post-operative care of the patient. Every surgery is done under these Trividh Karma so that there will be better outcome after surgery. Acharya Sushrut well known as father of surgery in Ayurveda selected these three Karma wholly and solely for the benefit of patients who undergo through any surgical procedure because surgery not only includes main action (operation) but also care of the patient before and after surgery. He has also emphasized that aseptic and antiseptic precautions should be taken. The wound should be protected from dangerous and invisible creatures. Every surgical procedure is done under these three parts only. Each Karma has got its own importance. We cannot skip any of them and it is very important in order to get good result. Acharya Sushrut also emphasised on diet which is given before and after any surgery. He also explained about septic and antiseptic precautions to be done before, during and after surgery. He also mentioned about fumigation of patients ward after 7-10 days of surgery.


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