• *Thakur Shalini P.G. Scholar Final Year, 2Sr. Lecturer, P.G. Dept. of Swasthvritta & Yoga, R.G.G.P.G. Ayu. College & Hospital, Paprola, Kangra, H.P
  • Shukla Umesh Sr. Lecturer, P.G. Dept. of Swasthvritta & Yoga, R.G.G.P.G. Ayu. College & Hospital, Paprola, Kangra, H.P.


Meditation on point A & B, Attitude change, Likert Scale, Intensity of meditation criteria.


Although quality of life and facilities are increasing day by day but satisfaction level and mental health are deteriorating globally. Happiness quotient is fallen down and psychosomatic disorders, behavioral and adjustment problems are mushrooming in every sphere of society. Main reason behind all these is negative attitude of persons due to which one becomes pessimist and can’t see the brighter aspects of life. Stressors are always there but it’s the ability of humans to handle the stress which protects them and it comes from positivity in the attitude. In Yogsutra, Maharshi Patanjali clearly mentions that person becomes like his attitudes so one should control the attitude through meditation.

Taking this as baseline, a study was conducted on 20 apparently healthy volunteers to assess the effect of meditation practice of Heartfulness Institute’s point A&B meditation to see its transformational efficacy in increment in positivity of Mental Attitude. For this, volunteers were selected randomly and to measure their attitude, LIKERTSCALE is framed and evaluation of attitude was done before and after meditation trial of 21 days. For meditation evaluation, a seven scale criteria is formed to evaluate intensity with which volunteers performed meditation and to record the evidence.

After statistical analysis, this meditation practice was found highly significant in changing the human attitude and increasing its positivity. This result is quite enthusiastic after such a short span of trial and may be a landmark in maintaining mental health and quality of life if practiced regularly. It is a nondrug therapy advisable for masses requiring no vigorous training as indicated by the fact that no volunteer was practicing any spiritual practice earlier, they all were novice.



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