• Dr Abdullah Production Unit, Unani Wing, IMPCL (A Government of India Enterprise), Mohan, Via Ramnagar, Distt. Almora, Uttarakhan
  • Rajeev Kurele Manager QC, QA and F&D, Person-in-charge, AYUSH DTL (Govt. Approved Lab.), IMPCL (A Government of India Enterprise, Mohan), Via Ramnagar, Distt. Almora, Uttarakhand
  • Nasiruddin Khan Medical Officer In charge EDMC, Ministry of AYUSH, Dilshad Garden, Delhi, India.
Keywords: Qurs-E-Gulnar, Standardization, quality control and NFUM.


In the Unani System of Medicine the drugs derived from natural sources are used, the majority of them are from plant origin. These single drugs are formulated in different dosage forms i.e. Tablets, Pills and Semisolids (Lauq, Khamira, Majoon etc.). Like any other system of medicine the efficacy of Unani formulations depends on potential and purity of the drugs used. To develop a mechanism for quality assurance of plants products and to ensure the purity of crude drugs and its standardization is essential. Standardization and quality control are the key factors in regulating the therapeutic efficacy because organoleptic parameters are insufficient for quality assessment. The present study deal with compound Unani formulation of Qurs-e-Gulnar a tablet formulated on the formullae mentioned in National Formulary of Unani Medicine Part I. For standardization of drugs, investigation of the tablets were made on the basis of the parameters approved by the Unani Pharmacopoea Committe, along with the analysis of pesticidal residue, microbial load, heavy metals and aflotoxin analysis. their percentage composition are as follow Total ash 22,89 %, Acid insoluble ash 21.72 %, Water soluble ash 1.39, Alcohol soluble matter 17.68 %, Water soluble matter 31.11%, , Water content 4.53%, pH 10%: 3.91 & 1%: 4.05, Disintegration time in pure water 30 second, Disintegration time in acid media 25 second, weight of qurs 500 mg and Diameter of qurs 10 mm is being determined and purity is confirmed. In addition analysis of Microbial Load, Aflatoxin and Pesticidal residue were also done but not detected The Thin layer chromatography (TLC) finger printing was made to check the standard of future batch.


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